Monday, October 4, 2010


The SQ8L is a software (VST) model of Ensoniq's classic 1980s
synth SQ80. The SQ80 features 3 digital wavetable oscillators
for each of its 8 voices which are fed through analog 4-pole
lowpass filters (-24dB gain) with resonance. Sound parameters can
be modulated by 4 envelopes, 3 LFOs and several MIDI sources.
The SQ80 also has a predecessor, the ESQ1, which can do most of
the same stuff.
 i have a esq 1 sitting right across from me in my room andi can control it theu midi in fruity loops. so i can compare the sounds from this wiht the true hardware and it is spot on. even the bells have that up high resonace from that is made withe th curtis chips in the esq. and the sq8 can even do all teh crazy digtal noise thru the filter. so ther is not a single reason not to add this one to your collection. i love it adn give a great job to the deisgners of these vst they hit the nail on the head